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An article in "100 Private Houses" almanac




graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute in 1978. From 1978 to 1993, he collaborated with Alexander Brodsky. Since 1994, he has been managing the Utkin Studio studio. Professor at the International Academy of Architecture. Lecturer MARCHI (at the time of publication). Awarded at the following competitions: OIS TT Competition "Theater for Future Generations", Paris (1978), Central Glass Company Competition "Crystal Palace", Tokyo (1982) and others. Member of numerous international exhibitions. The range of creativity: from conceptual architectural projects and art installations to private homes. The manor complex "White House" was created in conjunction with Daria Nikolaeva, Ekaterina Peresvetova, Valery Fenogenov.


    Village Zhukovka, Moscow Region Design and construction: 2002-2004
The total area of 1500 square meters. m. The house was built in the suburbs on a plot of about 2 hectares, which made it possible to use the classical principles of building a manor complex. On the site are located, in addition to the main house, a wing for the servants, a house for animals and birds, a lake with a gazebo for tea parties, as well as a Russian bath.



“The true art of architecture cannot be replaced with fake”


“The front facade of the main entrance is balanced, although it has an asymmetric composition. The facade overlooking the lake on the park is classically symmetrical and traditionally completed with a pediment. The other two facades are less formal. One goes towards the garden with a grotto. Another forms a summer courtyard with a fountain. The classical principle of building the exterior does not interfere with the use of flowing spaces and a large glazing area in interiors. The scale and style of the house generally reflect the character of the customer, but also the stubbornness of the architect who painted the house “to the doorknob””




“A lot depends on how much the customer is inclined to trust the architect. The result achieved is the result of mutual respect and careful work of the architect, customer and builders. The customer’s trust in the architect went so far that he agreed to use white limestone without protective impregnation in the decoration of facades. And now we are waiting with interest as the house, under the influence of natural phenomena, will change its color, and hence its appearance. How will it overgrow with planted exotic plants. To settle in with your masters, grow up and do without your parents already”.

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